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I teach people how to have navigate daily life, have basic 1-on-1 conversations, speak with confidence & connect with the local community while abroad

 Spanish Language & Accent Coach

New Survival Spanish Courses start each month!

What I Offer

Language Lessons & Relocation Assistance​​

What Each Course Includes

Survival Course: Learn the basics needed to navigate daily life. This includes the present tense and future tense, as well as how to navigate markets, restaurants, going shopping, hotels, airports, and other basic scenarios.

Intermediate Course: Dive deeper with your Spanish learning, and learn about the past tense and how to give commands. Learn how to describe people, talking about your house and the weather, as well as medical items.

Advanced Course: Fine tune your Spanish by learning the subjunctive and other more complex grammatical topics. Learn to talk about animals, nature and specific vocabulary for shops around town.

Click Here to see what you will learn in each course level


  • Social Media - Spanish tips (current series on commonly confused words).  Uploaded twice per week on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.

  • Newsletter - Cultural lessons, slang to know, as well as talk about the history and things to see of the places I have visited throughout Latin America.


  • WhatsApp Group for students - Words of the day, a question for people to answer, a funny joke in Spanish, and other similar items to help you learn

  • Entry into our Quizlet classroom - So students can share flash card decks and help each other study.

  • Entry into our Duolingo classroom - Compete to gain the most experience each week. The person with the most experience will get a shoutout at the end of the week in the newsletter, on social media, and via WhatsApp and our private Facebook Group.

  • Access to our private Facebook Group - Insight into how I learn a language, the methods I use, and any tips or tricks to help you accelerate your own language learning.

  • Cheat Sheets for each class

    • Survival Spanish - a summary of course vocab for easy access to learn.

    • Intermediate - a past tense cheat sheet to help explain when to use them, as well as a shortcut sheet for all verb tenses (minus the subjunctive)

    • Advanced - a cheat sheet for the subjunctive, with how to conjugate, when to use, as well as examples to study.

  • Class page with a link to every recorded class, as well as homework, so that you can easily review and continue to study.

  • Recorded Classes - All classes are recorded and uploaded to my website for you to have access to and review. The videos and lessons are yours to keep forever! There is also homework to reinforce the concepts learned in each class.

  • **Support English learning in Mexico** - Each course bought in 2023 will support my efforts to bring free English learning opportunities to people in Mexico, through a combination of classes, courses and workshops for learners.



Hey Language Learners,


I am Anthony. I am a polyglot, a world traveler, and language teacher, teaching Spanish, French, Portuguese and German, in both individual and group settings.

Over the years, I have learned to speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian, as well as learning to read Catalan, Norwegian and Dutch. Being a language learner myself, mostly through self study, I understand what it is like to be a beginner in a language. In fact, right now, I am learning Arabic, which is worlds away from any other language I know. Which means, right now, I am stuck firmly in the beginner stage.

However, that won't last long, as after studying so many languages on my own, I have come up with a method and process for learning languages, in order to speak them. And having come through a traditional, university-style learning with Spanish, French and German, I have seen where normal classes fail. And this led me to develop my Survival Language Learning strategy.

Interested in learning more about that strategy, as well as how I put it to the test in Romania and Morocco? Click the link below to learn more!

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