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Course Outlines

What you will learn

Here you can take a look at the breakdowns of the 3 course levels and what we will learn, as well as the situations we may cover. If you would like to know more, reach out by clicking on "Send Me a WhatsApp" or "Contact" to send me a message. 

See you soon in class!


Survival Spanish

Learn the basics needed to navigate daily life. This includes the present tense and future tense, as well as how to navigate markets, restaurants, going shopping, hotels, airports, and other basic scenarios.

Survival Course Outline - NEW.png
Intermediate Course Outline - NEW.png


Dive deeper with your Spanish learning, and learn about the past tense and how to give commands. Learn how to describe people, talking about your house and the weather, as well as medical items.


Fine tune your Spanish by learning the subjunctive and other more complex grammatical topics. Learn to talk about animals, nature and specific vocabulary for shops around town.

Advanced Course Outline - NEW.png
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