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Student Reviews

Rachel Hutcherson

Anthony is a great teacher. He is so kind, patient, yet also adds humor to the language learning process. His homework assignments are nicely intertwined with the content he’s teaching, and he provides excellent and detailed feedback for the work completed. I plan to take future courses with him again. Highly recommended!

Viesha Andrews

Anthony's classes have been an immeasurable impact on my time in Mexico. His Survival Spanish course saved me during my first few months living in Mexico City and his Intermediate course is allowing me to dive even deeper into the culture. Anthony is very attentive, knowledgable, and helpful. You always feel like you are getting one-on-one teaching even in a group setting. Taking Anthony's classes gave me the confidence to officially move to Mexico and continue learning the language and making deeper connections with people across this country. I recommend his classes to anyone who is serious about respectfully learning the language, making new friends and lifelong lessons.

Heidi Mason

I am so grateful that I found Anthony! I had been wishing for a live teacher for quite some time. He is super knowledgeable of the language and is patient and engaging in class. I also really appreciate that he let me jump into a class that had already begun since I had some prior basic knowledge. The homework he offers is a great support to use between classes so that we don't fall behind. I'm very much looking forward to moving up to the next level with Anthony!

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