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Passionate about Languages

     I continued my love of languages into college, where I discovered that there was a huge population of Swahili speaking immigrants in Lexington, leading me to learn it in order to connect with a new culture. While I don't recall much at this point, it was an awesome experience to learn such a different foreign language. I continued to study other languages in college, testing into and taking 200 level French courses and 300 level German courses. Following my first year of college, I made the decision to go abroad and spend a year living in Granada, an absolutely beautiful city in the south of Spain, near the Sierra Nevada. During this year abroad, I took advantage of the international atmosphere to expose myself to and learn Portuguese and Italian, practicing with friends I made from Italy, Portugal and Brazil while abroad.

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     When I returned from Spain, I completed my degrees in just 1 more year and made the decision to move to Colorado to work in the mountains. While I did not expect it, this was where I got a chance to meet Latinos from all over the world, growing my desire to travel and discover Latin America, aided by a pair of trips to Mexico during this time. One thing that I grew to love about my time in Colorado and the various Spanish speakers I met was my exposure to codeswitching, which is where people switch between languages during their conversations. This, frankly, absolutely fascinated me, and I was in awe of their ability to quickly and easily switch between languages.

     Following my time in Colorado, I moved to Mexico and began to travel. I got to see the vast majority of Mexico, from Chihuahua to Chiapas and from the Pacific to the Carribean. As well, I have gotten the chance to travel throughout Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, and Colombia during the past two years. During my time in Mexico, I decided to take advantage of my experience tutoring languages since the end of high school to open my open business, which is where my current career as a language coach began.

     I started teaching online in February of 2021, and haven't stopped since. This has been my full time job since then, when I learned the basics of digital marketing to be able to grow my business, from building this website to learning to handle social media channels and Facebook Ads. It has been an amazing journey, and I have loved seeing the rewards of my effort in making this passion project grow. I built out a full program, from beginner to advanced, in order to teach Spanish how I learned the languages I taught myself, with a focus on speaking and using the language in a conversational way from the beginning. This method is how I am currently learning Darija, the variety of Arabic spoken in Morocco, in preparation for a trip this fall.

     Languages and teaching are two big passions for me. I love languages, and I love to see the progress students make and the confidence they gain through taking my courses. The looks on their faces when things click or when they tell me of using their Spanish early in their journey is an absolute win in my books. For me, nothing is better than hearing those stories from students and their kind words about my influence on their time abroad. And I hope that you, dear student, will be the next to begin your Spanish learning journey and learn to confidently navigate daily life in Spanish. 

     Thank you so much for taking the time to read. If you would like to learn more, send me a message to discuss the Survival Spanish course or private lessons. I wish you the best on your journey, and look forward to seeing you in class soon.

Anthony Mullis
Spanish Language Coach


  • BA in Spanish Linguistics and Literature 

    • University of Kentucky, 2018​

  • Certified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

    • 40 Hour Certificate​

Lived Experience

  • Study Abroad in Granada, Spain, 2016-2017 (1 Year)

  • Residing in Mexico, 2020 (2 years and counting)

  • Various trips to the Spanish speaking world:

    • Dominican Republic, 2012 & 2013 (1 week)​

    • Nicaragua, 2014 & 2015 (1 Week)

    • Dominican Republic, 2014 (2 weeks)

    • Mexico, 2018 & 2019 (2 & 3 weeks)

    • Guatemala, 2021 (3 weeks)

    • Peru, 2022 (2 weeks)

    • Colombia, 2022 (3 weeks)

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