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Passionate about Languages

     So one of the biggest problems I saw while learning languages in high school and college was a huge focus on reading, studying grammar and doing endless, repetitive exercises to drill the home point. And you know what I saw happen? This system produced students who could get 100's on tests and papers, but couldn't tell you about the weather outside if called on in class. As a traveler and someone who values language for the ability to connect with people, this for me was not the result I wanted when learning or teaching a language. With this in mind, I set out to try to put together a system that would help people learn Spanish via situations they will see in daily life, learn to navigate life in Spanish, and have the confidence to use your skills, which is where Survival Spanish for Expats was born from.

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     In my classes, the first thing we focus on are situations. Going to a restaurant, checking into a hotel, navigating the airport. We touch on relevant vocabulary, a small grammar note, and then we put it into action. But not through endless writing exercises, but through speaking and practicing the situations. By learning vocabulary through situations, we make it more real life, making it easier to learn and recall, through linking words with concepts "in scene."

     Another huge focus is speaking Spanish. Getting A's on tests is great, but if you can't order your food without a whiteboard, it isn't much use. And not only do we practice speaking from day 1, I also help you build the confidence to speak Spanish and learn on your own. After the intro course, I want you to have a mastery of the basics so you can go out and, through conversation and reading, continue to learn on your own. No need for my intermediate or advanced courses, although they are always there if you need a help.

     So after solidifying the ideas behind my method into a personal framework for learning languages, I set myself a unique challenge. With upcoming 2 week trips to Morocco and Romania, I decided to see how much I could learn in 2 weeks using my framework (check out this link to check out more about the steps).


     And the results were great!

     With no prior study, I spent the two weeks there challenging myself to learn Moroccan Arabic & Romanian. And in just 2 weeks, I was able to go from zero to confidently handling my daily life with ease. Now, I was not having long conversations. I don't want to fool you. But in two weeks, I was able to feel confident walking into stores & restaurants and ordering, asking where things were, how much things cost, etc. And more importantly, I learned the structure of the language to a point where I was able to pick out words, ask what they meant, and add them in the next time around.


     And this is what I want to offer you. The chance to learn Spanish for daily use, to speak confidently, to have fun, and to be prepared to continue to learn on your own, with no need for teachers or tutors. Just going out, speaking with new friends and acquaintances, and making tons of (fun!) progress while doing so.


     Languages and teaching are two big passions for me. I love languages, and I love to see the progress students make and the confidence they gain through taking my courses. The looks on their faces when things click or when they tell me of using their Spanish early in their journey is an absolute win in my books. For me, nothing is better than hearing those stories from students and their kind words about my influence on their time abroad. And I hope that you, dear student, will be the next to begin your Spanish learning journey and learn to confidently navigate daily life in Spanish. 

     Thank you so much for taking the time to read. If you would like to learn more, send me a message to discuss the Survival Spanish course or private lessons. I wish you the best on your journey, and look forward to seeing you in class soon.

Anthony Mullis
Language Coach


  • BA in Spanish Linguistics and Literature 

    • University of Kentucky, 2018​

  • Certified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

    • 40 Hour Certificate​

Lived Experience

  • Study Abroad in Granada, Spain, 2016-2017 (1 Year)

  • Residing in Mexico, 2020 (2 years and counting)

  • Various trips to the Spanish speaking world:

    • Dominican Republic, 2012 & 2013 (1 week)​

    • Nicaragua, 2014 & 2015 (1 Week)

    • Dominican Republic, 2014 (2 weeks)

    • Mexico, 2018 & 2019 (2 & 3 weeks)

    • Guatemala, 2021 (3 weeks)

    • Peru, 2022 (2 weeks)

    • Colombia, 2022 (3 weeks)

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