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Learning Languages by Watching TV

Using TV series and movies to learn vocabulary, phrases and practice listening

Que Pasa Calabaza,

Let's talk about 4 ways you can practice & interact with Spanish everyday. This is gonna be short, so read it quickly and go out and put it into practice.

  1. Listen to Music

    1. Find an interesting new genre or artist and put it on. You don't even need to sit down and do anything. Have it on and be immersed in the sounds and rhythms of the language. Babies learn by immersion & being surrounded by adults speaking, even when they don't understand. This is our version of doing this, getting tons of input by immersing ourself in the languages. Goals should be to practice sounds, recognize familiar words, and start to pick out where one word starts and another stops

  1. Journal

    1. Write about who you are, where you are from, where you are going. What you did that day or what you will do next week. Your likes & dislikes, hobbies. Talk about yourself, make it level appropriate and try to be creative. This is your lab, experiment.

  1. Watch TV

    1. Put on your favorite show. Check out the last email from me to learn more about this option.

  1. Read

    1. Pick a level appropriate text and give it a go. You don't need to understand every single word, and feel free to guess at words you don't know. Use context clues, and don't forget to use basic reading strategies we have in English. Pick a news story, fun article, short story or poem as you can handle.

Alright, we are keeping it short. Go out and practice your Spanish today. Let me know which passive learning method you use and how it goes by hitting reply below!

Best of luck,

Anthony "Passive Learning is the Goal" Mullis

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