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Survival Spanish

For Nurses

Are you a nurse or healthcare worker who would like to learn the basics of Spanish in order to communicate to patients? Would you like to learn to navigate a basic visit, ask about the patient, and understand what they say back? Come find out what you will learn during the two month course from a Spanish teacher and medical interpreter, with tons of experience helping others to navigate a patient visit via interpreting, so that you can feel confident using Spanish. Be sure to send me a message by clicking on the menu above to find out about upcoming classes!


 - Greet and interact with the patient on arrival and ask about how they are feeling.

- Be able to go over basic vitals, ask about symptoms or go over medical history.

- Be able to navigate a basic patient visit in Spanish without the need for an interpreter.

What Will We Learn

Survival Basics - Learn the basics of Spanish, basic phrases, and how to deal with the most important situations when you arrive. We will cover basic situations include going to a restaurant and ordering, shopping in a market or a store, and understanding basic directions, in order to feel situated in the language

Basic Conversations - In this unit, we learn to talk about family and jobs. We will also cover situations related to greeting the patient and beginning the visit. We will cover body parts and basic symptoms., as well as asking questions

The Visit Continues - This is where we get out of factual statements and start to add flavor to what we are saying. These are the woulds, shoulds, coulds and ought to's. We will learn to give recommendations and commands, as well as cover scenarios like taking labs and giving discharge instructions

Understand the Past Tense - This is pretty easy to understand. We start to talk about the past tense and go over basic storytelling in the present and in the past tenses. Specifically, we look to learn to understand the past tense to be able to understand the stories the patients might tell.

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