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Private Spanish Coaching

Learn to navigate daily life and confidently speak spanish

  • Personalized Spanish Coaching, designed to take your Spanish to new Levels, allowing you to travel and live in Latin America with Ease

Are you ready to confidently speak spanish?

If you are reading this, it means you have already taken the first step. And it lets me know that you are the type of person who is ready to commit these next months to learning to confidently speak and navigate every day life & are unscared to try new things. Just the people I am looking for, the ones who want to be able to confidently explore the 20 amazing Spanish speaking countries the world over.

My name is Anthony Mullis, and I am here to help you realize this dream. I have been teaching Spanish fulltime for the past 4 years while traveling Latin America and living full time in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Over the past 4 years, I have visited 20 of the 32 states in Mexico, while also traveling through Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile. As well, I also lived abroad in Granada, Spain for 1 year in college, the start of my journey of living abroad and pursuing my passion for languages.

And that is what I want to help you with, fulfilling your dream to live or travel in Latin America, allowing you to travel, connect with local communities in their language, and confidently speak Spanish.

Because let's be honest, no one wants to be the Gringo who can barely order their food in Spanish, much less make friends and immerse yourself in one of the dozens of vibrant Latin American cultures.

Keep reading to learn more about the course, based on my experience earning my degree in Spanish Linguistics, teaching myself French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic, as well as study of various other languages to survival levels in order to get by when traveling, confidently navigating the world in another language with just a few weeks of study before hand.

  • Are you tired of learning Spanish but not being able to actually speak it?
  • ​Have you lived abroad in a Spanish speaking country for a while and still can’t handle daily life in Spanish? 
  • Would you like to learn to actually speak Spanish and make real progress?

Most people think living abroad will lead to Spanish fluency. Unfortunately, without a plan to actually learn the language, this won’t be too much help. At Anthony Mullis Language Coach, we make language learning simple and give you the confidence to actually speak, so that you can learn to handle daily life in Spanish, connect with your local community and enjoy your time abroad.

Of course, there is always the option to continue as is, relying on translator apps & barely remembering simple phrases, hoping they speak English. But imagine that you make the choice to commit to learning Spanish for 60 days.

  • How would it FEEL to be able to confidently handle your daily life tasks in Spanish?

  • Imagine being able to have a basic conversation in Spanish and connect with your local community abroad. Who might you get to know and what could you do in the community with your new skills?

  • How would your life improve if you were able to speak Spanish? What could you do with those skills?

Whether you are an expat looking to retire in Mexico on the beach or a digital nomad looking to explore Latin America, I can give you the Spanish skills to make our life abroad easier, as well as the cultural knowledge of the places you will be gathered through 4 years of travel in the area, and making the choice to live in Mexico myself.

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Rio Celeste
Costa RIca

What Will Life Look Like?

Mexico: Coastal Bliss in Puerto Escondido, Cultural Delights in San Miguel de Allende, and Artistic Charm in Todos Santos

Imagine embracing a future where you immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Mexico's landscapes and cultures. With your confident command of Spanish, you navigate the intricacies of local life, unlocking a kaleidoscope of experiences across this diverse country.

In Puerto Escondido, you find yourself enchanted by the golden sands and azure waves of Playa Zicatela. Conversing effortlessly with surfers and beach vendors in Spanish, you immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of this coastal paradise. From exhilarating surf sessions to tranquil beachside yoga classes, you embrace the vibrant energy of Puerto Escondido while forming connections with fellow travelers and locals alike.


Transitioning inland, you arrive in the colonial gem of San Miguel de Allende, where cobblestone streets and historic architecture beckon. With Spanish as your guide, you delve into the city's rich cultural heritage, attending traditional festivals and art exhibitions. Conversations with local artisans reveal the intricacies of Mexican craftsmanship, from talavera pottery to vibrant textiles. By conversing fluently in Spanish, you not only navigate the bustling markets and charming plazas of San Miguel de Allende but also forge meaningful connections with residents, deepening your appreciation for Mexican culture and traditions.


Continuing your journey westward, you find yourself in the bohemian enclave of Todos Santos, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra de la Laguna mountains. Fluent in Spanish, you explore the town's thriving arts scene, engaging with painters, musicians, and sculptors in lively conversations. From gallery openings to intimate music performances, you embrace the creative spirit of Todos Santos, gaining insights into the local culture and ethos. By speaking Spanish with confidence, you connect with fellow creatives and residents, immersing yourself in the artistic charm and laid-back vibe of this coastal gem.


Proficiency in Spanish serves as a gateway to authentic experiences, allowing you to explore Mexico's diverse landscapes, vibrant communities, and rich cultural heritage with confidence and curiosity. Ready to embark on this adventure?

Course Breakdown

Class is divided into 4 units, Survival Spanish , Storytelling in Spanish, Spanish Speaking Situations, and Subjunctive Supremacy below you can see more in depth what we will cover in each unit. Be sure to send me a message for more detailed breakdown of all we will learn!

  • Survival Spanish  - Learn the basics of Spanish, basic phrases, and how to deal with the most important situations when you arrive or are traveling in Latin America. These situations include going to a restaurant and ordering, shopping in a market or a store, and understanding basic directions.

  • ​Storytelling in Spanish - We dive into the past tense, and learn how to weave together all of them to tell stories. This goes both for writing stories as well as having conversations in the past, allowing you to talk about your favorite trip or weekend adventures with easy

  • Spanish Step Up - This is where we start to get into more advanced topics, as well as learning the vocabulary to handle situations that you might see when you choose to move abroad, such as going to the doctor or navigating around town.

  • Subjunctive Supremacy - Here we will learn about the toughest part of Spanish: The subjunctive. We will learn what it is, when to use it and how to employ it correctly.

I make learning Spanish easy by learning to use the language through scenarios you will face and teaching grammar through discussing the situations you will use it in, in order to make it more approachable and easier to understand versus traditional grammar based methods.

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Volcán Acatenango Guatemala

Gift to Get you Started

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  • Here are three options to learn with me without signing up for classes.

  • Step 1: Send me a WhatsApp with the words GRAMMAR GUIDE to get a free resource to help you learn Spanish.

  • Step 2: Follow me on Instagram and Tiktok for free learning tips on the daily.

  • Step 3: Sign up for my newsletter for more in depth and detailed stories and learning tips.

Valle Cocora Colombia

Here's the Offer

With Anthony Mullis Language Coach, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Simplified language learning: My focusing on learning to conquer situations you will see while traveling or living abroad, and learning grammar through discussing the situations in which it is used, we can learn quicker and more efficiently, while not getting bogged down in boring grammar.

  • Engaging live classes: Meet 1 to 4 times per week in a virtual classroom, where you will progress through my proven methodology that has gotten results for dozens already, based on my own methods of learning a language that I have used while traveling Morocco, Brazil and Romania to learn to quickly handle basic life.

  • Recorded classes: Access recorded classes, so that you can review what we learn each week and get answers to your question

  • Individualized Study Plan: Each week, you will receive a email with our classes for this week, as well as home to reinforce concepts we learn, and real life ways to practice, based on what I did to learn French, German, Arabic, Italian and Portuguese.

  • Lifetime access to materials: Enjoy the flexibility of lifetime access to recorded classes, presentations, and homework. Revisit the materials whenever you need a refresher or want to delve deeper into specific topics.

  • 24/7 support: You will have 24/7 access to me via Whatsapp or email to ask any questions

  • Additional resources: Receive cheat sheets to enhance your studying, connect with language partners for valuable practice opportunities, and gain access to tips and tools that enhance your learning experience.

Take advantage of these benefits and embark on a language learning journey that will open doors, connect you with others, and enrich your experiences abroad. Join today and start your path towards fluency!

Current Schedule

Are you ready to get signed up? Great! Take a look at my current available time slots, then send me a message with the time that works best!:

  • Monday (all times based on Mexico City)

    • 730am, 430pm and 8pm​

  • Tuesday

    • 9am, 330pm and 8pm

  • Wednesday 

    • 730am, 430pm and 8pm​

  • Thursday

    • 9am, 330pm, and 8pm​

  • Friday

    • 730am, 1030am​

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  • Online Videos Only - $57

  • All Online + Coaching     - $97

  • 1x per week + Coaching - $177

  • 2x per week + Coaching - $327

  • 3x per week + Coaching - $477

  • 4x per week + Coaching - $597

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Puerto Escondido Mexico

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Huacachina Peru

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